Friday, December 03, 2004

The New Look

As we all know the new 7 series was a bit of a shock when first introduced to the market. The introduction of the Z4, new 5, and new 6 were no less shocking. There is much heated debate about the virtues of the new designs, if any. There seemed to be two camps of bimmerati. Those in love with Bangles flame surfaced creations, and those wishing to give him the Zook treatment. Alas, it is not as clear cut as all that based upon my observations. There are some who favor the 5, but not the 6 or 7. Then there are those that appreciate the Z4 and 5, but find the 6 and 7 contemptible. The new 3 seems a bit derivative until seen directly next to an E46. It all comes down to smooth or chiseled bodies. I prefer the 6 over the 5 but really like the look of the Z4, enough so that I have one. The 5 is growing on me, but will not supplant the 6 in my heart of hearts. All that said, BMW sales aren't suffering so perhaps those that jumped ship to the MB or A camp never really belonged in a bimmer in the first place. Further, there are shades of flame surfacing in several new off-brand cars on the market. Have you seen the crease in the new Altima? Bangle wins this round. If only he can clear up that whole iDirve thing.

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