Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Z4

Over at Auto Express they have a rendering of the next generation Z4 that looks spot on. This looks to be an excellent design and hopefully the real thing will look just as good if not better. 

With the release of the new 7, and these shots of the forthcoming Z4 we are getting a peek at what Bangle 2.0 will look like. I have to say, the future looks bright.

The first Bangle era designs were a shock to the system, none more dramatic than the Z4. It took me some time to get used to these changes, and still wasn't convinced by the duck-tailed Z4. I took a liking to the 7er (though the taillights weren't completely resolved, IMO), was quite impressed with the new 5er when seen in person, but still not quite a fan of the Z4.

The more I saw, however, the more I liked. It was much more of a three dimensional design, it was like sculpture. Every time I saw one I found a new twist, nuance, or connection of one line to the next. I started to see the whole picture and I finally caved and got one. Looking at it every day I'd see something new. It was low, lean, mean, and a lot of fun to drive. I had a couple quibbles; like the turn signals, taillights, and road noise. But all in all I liked the design.

The renderings of the new Z4 show BMW design to have moved from shock to awe. They have taken the original concept and have refined the lines, giving it more of an athletic look. Per all the second generation Bangle era designs, the sheet metal is pulled tight over a muscular frame.

I like it. Few manufacturers have been able to replicate these forms thus keeping BMW distinct from the wannabes.

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